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Coders Enterprise Web and Mobile Services E-Commerce Websites

You know exactly what your business needs to succeed. So do we. Stay focused on running your business, without the worry of infrastructure and technology to support your eCommerce site. Let our experts handle the technical pieces so together we can make your online business soar.

No matter what you want to add to your store, from custom services to payment methods, all are provided with any of our E-Commerce platforms, all customers from around the world will have an amazing and easy experience withing your website.

SME Commerce 
Enterprise Commerce 
Mobile Commerce
Your Store Everywhere, All The Time

Mobile Commerce Development has become a crucial element for success today. Mobile websites and M-Commerce apps provide customers with the ability to shop anytime, and anywhere.

Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping within a few taps and swipes on their mobile screen and businesses benefit from this in terms of quick sales. We provide businesses with mobile optimized solutions that cover mobile websites as well as mobile applications. Our developers have years of experience with mobile solutions and can conjure highly efficient mobile apps for your business. You can place your store right in the hands of your customers and provide them with a best in class experience.

Coders Enterprise Web and Mobile Services E-Commerce Mobile Commerce
Coders Enterprise Web and Mobile Services E-Commerce Products Management
Easy To Use Products Management

The product listing in our commerce platform has been specifically honed to work with Store Managers that use the Product Display and Product Variations as described in the most common scenario. 

  • Products Categories
  • Products Variations
  • Products Comapre
  • Search by SKU
  • Edit products on the fly
  • Stock Availability 
Reach More With Marketing Tools

You will be provided with a package of tools that will help you engage more customers, and keep and touch with your current customers to insure their loyalty. 

  • Discounts Management
  • Coupons Management
  • Polls
  • Newsletters
  • Social Sharing for Products with Unique URLs
Coders Enterprise Web and Mobile Services E-Commerce Marketing Tools
Features Out Of The Box
Content & Commerce

A unified experience harnesses the power of authentic product content and delivers conversion throughout your eCommerce site.

Responsive Design

Theme is by default responsive and supports all kind of devices. Admin theme is also mobile friendly allowing admins to do their work anywhere.

SEO Ready

The site is optimized for search engines right out of the box. For more fine-grained SEO control, there are plenty of tools included in the site.


The site comes bundled with the ability to add as many languages as you want. you can choose from more than 70 languages.

Media Manager

Drag and drop your media into your website. Add alt text, captions, and titles, and insert images and galleries into your content.

Publishing Tools

 Our CMS makes it easy for you to manage your content. Create drafts, schedule publication, and look at your post revisions.

User Management

Not everyone requires the same access to your website. Admins manage the site, editors work with content and authors write that content.

Social Media Ready

Embed social media plugins with ease, and get your site visitors to share content with one click to various social media networks.


Drupal is a scalable application. A well configured Drupal site can be highly performant and scale to many millions of visitors per day.


 Everything in the site is a feature that can be enabled or disabled with ease. Anything you need can be added anytime.


Drupal has a very good track record in terms of security, and the security team is dedicated to find, address and solve any issues.


With More than 1 Million passionate developers, Drupal has the largest open source community to support the software.

Coders Enterprise Web and Mobile Services E-Commerce Payment Methods
Fast Checkout, Unlimited Payment Options

Our Commerce platform comes with a drag-and-drop checkout form builder that lets you decide what information you need to collect from or display to customers during the checkout process. It supports single and multi-page checkout depending on your requirements.

First thing you might notice is that when you add a product to your cart, we have a pop-over that gives the user a chance to checkout or continue shopping. The intent is to increase the number of conversions you have from cart to actual checkout. This can be disabled easily as well.

Probably the biggest change from the standard checkout process in our commerce platform is the presence of the Commerce Checkout Progress module. This enables the user to create a fully themed and checkout aware indicator for multi-page forms. Of course, you knew you could move those panes and pages around like crazy, right?

Address Book & Checkout Login are also available for your customers for easy shopping experience.

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