Thro is an exclusive platform that grows your connections and network for a one-of-a-kind experience wherever you are.
Thro aims to be the best success story that started locally, expanded regionally, and reached global heights.


Project Summary


Services, Lifestyle


Website Design and Development
Mobile App Design & Development
Backend & Administration System


Thro Holding
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Flutter, Drupal


Thro enables you to invest in your connections and truly make them come to fruition Fahad, founder of Thro, reached out seeking assistance for his new startup, a new mobile application.

During consultations, we understood their requirements and proposed a the new app design emphasizing modern elements and responsive layouts. Security and performance were prioritized. 

The app and its related technologies effectively showcased the apps features, our rigorous testing ensured seamless functionality and secure user experience.


Thro provides a dashboard for stores and service providers to efficiently manage their products and services. It enables users to handle orders seamlessly, from acceptance to fulfillment, and even create offers.

Additionally, stores and service providers can oversee their own agents, granting them special discount percentages to enhance their service delivery.


For Clients

We designed the app to enable clients and buyers to forge strong connections with ease, connecting them to products and services through agents that may be challenging to obtain elsewhere. 

It also makes it easy to navigate effortlessly with an intuitive search functionality, simplifying the process of finding exactly what they need while their rights and personal information are protected throughout the purchasing journey, providing them with peace of mind as they engage in secure transactions.

For Agents

Thro helps agents to create lasting connections and mutual benefits with continuity, fostering ongoing growth and prosperity.

It will also unlock supplemental income opportunities, strategically leveraging their personal connections for financial gain.

Thro provides the guarantee that all users rights are protected throughout the linking process, ensuring a secure and transparent experience.


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